Sunday, February 26, 2006

Take me out, to the black...

heard news this week that will warm the heart of any Browncoat... Serenity appears to have turned a profit. Thanks to DVD sales and rentals, the production is no longer in the red. Shiny!

Wash: We'll be rich and prosperous. Well, less poor than we are now.

While I'd love to see a sequel movie or for the SciFi channel to pick the TV show up, I'm not holding my breath. The Fox execs that ran the TV show out of order then cancelled it were 狂者的 and I don't really expect the other studio execs to be any less 瘋了.


btw, Elphaba's DS2 portrait is back to normal, and I have no idea why. Maybe the stunt double was standing in last weekend so the regular character could take a vacation.

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