Monday, March 05, 2007

On deck... Security Opus

Black Hat Fed and EUSecWest are done, so the next big con coming up is Security Opus. Though to be honest, everyone I know is talking about ShmooCon. The Security Opus speaker agenda is decent - you know anything with Window Snyder has to be rad - but as far as conferences go it just isn't as big or as affordable as Shmoo. The Shmoo schedule and speaker list is now posted (though I'm told there is at least one more talk that is going to be added) and it looks like a great con. As usual, I always plan to attend way more talks than I actually make it to. Should be hella fun. And I have to say that the Shmoo organizers are fracking geniuses. That's right, once again they are wise enough to schedule the first speakers at 10am. Thank you, ShmooCon organizers, for recognizing that no one attending ShmooCon goes to sleep at a 'reasonable' hour.

Don't have a ticket for ShmooCon? There were a few on eBay this morning...

unofficial ShmooCon fangirl

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