Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Everything old is new again

hmm, big news week I guess. Too bad this isn't NEW news.
Microsoft Fingerprint Reader Hacked

InfoWorld - 3/7/2006
A security researcher says the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader fails to encrypt fingerprint images, making the device vulnerable to hackers.
Even the researcher points out that the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader says right on the box that it is not a security tool but a convenience for users who don't want to or have a hard time remembering passwords. This translates to me as a power toy for geeks and the forgetful.

The unfortunate thing is how the journalist glommed onto this presentation as groundshaking when Joe Grand demonstrated several ways to hack fingerprint readers as well as several other hardware devices at Black Hat Vegas in July 2005. Joey, I guess you are just ahead of your time...


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