Friday, July 02, 2010


I notice I am swearing a lot lately. A lot more than I used to. It actually makes me a little uncomfortable, and I'm working on cutting back on the F-bombs. But dammit Jim, I'm an analyst, not a linguist, so I broke down my last blogpost and discovered the following things:

1,222 words
16 swear words*

that means just 1.3% cussing. That doesn't seem so bad.

I copied my last blogpost and pasted it into a Word doc to get the wordcount and GODDAMMIT IE8 SUCKS ASS for not having a spellcheck function. Hello, it's a 2009 product, who keeps cutting this goddamned feature? Why do I have to write my blog in Word so I can have a spellcheck feature and then copy it into the browser? I can't possibly be the only person generating content on the web.

Workaround: Use FireFox. *sigh* I just wish FF didn't crash so damn often.


*douchebag not counted as swearing

(this blogpost contains 3% cussing)

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