Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sex in Videogames Conference

Wish I'd known about the First Annual Sex in Videogames Conference ahead of time... I'd have taken some time off work to personally attend. Maybe next year since the conference agenda topics look pretty interesting from a sociological perspective.
The Sex in Video Games Conference: Exploring the Business of Digital Erotic Entertainment. This unique conference will focus on the design, development, and technology of sex in video games from a national as well as international perspective. In addition, this conference will also have a strong focus on business matchmaking and networking. During the conference's two day run, it will feature numerous lectures and keynotes, a machinima art show (erotic art and movies derived from video games) as well as panel discussions with leaders in video game and adult video game development.

If, like me, you didn't attend this conference, Wired has an interesting writeup on one of the panels and the focus on how to make pornographic videogames into a viable business, what some of the barriers are to success (porn is usually low investment/high profit, while game development is high investment, pre-existing notions of what is adult entertainment) etc.

The Friday keynote sounds like it might have been pretty interesting.

Sheri Graner Ray has been announced as the keynote for Friday, June 9.

Ms. Graner Ray is an accomplished game designer with 16 years experience in the video game industry and is the author of “Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding the Market.” She will be speaking on how to make adult games that appeal to women, using her research on creating games that appeal to women to specifically discuss what women would want to see within the adult game space.

According to Brenda Brathwaite, Game Designer and Chairperson of the Sex in Video Games Conference, “everyone knows Sheri as the expert on gender issues in video games. I'm really looking forward to how she applies that body of knowledge to adult games. The same lessons she teaches mainstream developers will apply to adult content developers, too. Who doesn't want a bigger audience?”

Suzanne Freyjadis-Chuberka, President of Evergreen Events, agrees that, “Sheri Graner Ray is a well respected authority on the issues of what attracts women to games and her insight into this area will be invaluable for developers of adult oriented games."

IMO one of the main reasons to have a diverse workforce in the field of software development (not just sex games but any application) is so you are designing and developing products that will appeal to and be usable by a diverse customer base. It isn't about affirmative action, it is about creating the best product for the broadest audience.


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