Monday, September 25, 2006

All God's creatures, fresh off the grill...

come on down to Mr.Meaty, where friends meet to eat meat.

I thought Mr.Meaty was pretty funny, in a juvenile, Beavis & Butthead sort of way. The franchise manager in the Buffalo Burrito episode cracks me up. Nickelodeon did a good job (along with Mr. Meaty creators) to pick the first 2 episodes. Buffalo Burrito focused on the store and introduces the manager & owner, while the second episode was more mall focused - the girls who hang out there and the saleslady at Pantosphere make their debut as Parkerina tries to find out 'why the ladies are hatin' on the Josh'. Just one unresolved question: why is a 1/4 Seagull w/ fries on the seafood menu? Seems more like a poultry entree to me. hah!

Of course the REALLY interesting thing about this show is how the public has reacted. There are vegetarian groups petitioning Nickelodeon to pull the show. I'm guessing they didn't even watch it first. If anything, the show makes fast food seem even grosser; it certainly didn't encourage me to go out to eat at my local mall food court. Mr. Meaty is about two teenage boys who have a typical teenage job - working at a fast food restaurant. While I respect the protesters right to peacefully assemble, I think they are being a bit ridiculous.

And while on the topic of fast food... why is it that a McDonald's cheeseburger is $0.99 but a double cheeseburger is only a penny more on the $1 menu? Is the meat really that cheap? Are buns and pickles more expensive than I thought? Is the profit margin on the single cheeseburger insanely high, while the double is being sold at a loss?

Even more mind boggling, a double cheeseburger weighs in at 460 calories, while two single cheeseburgers are 620 (and would cost you an extra $0.98). There are 160 calories in the extra bun, pickles, and condiments? That would mean that the meat and cheese in a double cheeseburger is just 300 calories - the same as a grande Caffè Mocha(no whip) from Starbucks. yikes.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I want to know is ... who eats a 1/4 seagull? Shouldn't those be like 4 to the appetizer platter?

10:24 PM  
Blogger c w j said...

I would think the vegetarians were more upset with the vegetarian cult episode. Again, they probably don't bother to watch the series to gain some context - NOTHING is sacred on the show, thus, why it is so good.

1:18 PM  

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