Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Microsoft's New Public Bug Database

Yes, you read that correctly.
Microsoft creates public bug database for IE
"Many customers have asked us about having a better way to enter IE bugs. It is asked, 'Why don't you have Bugzilla like Firefox or other groups do?' We haven't always had a good answer, except it is something that the IE team has never done before," Al Billings, a member of the IE project team, wrote in a Microsoft blog Friday.

"After much discussion in the team, we've decided that people are right and that we should have a public way for people to give us feedback or make product suggestions," he wrote.
If you have a violent allergic reaction to all things Microsoft, you'll be able to find something snarky to say about this. IMHO, it is nice to see the old dog learn a new trick. Bash their intentions, make fun of them for following instead of innovating, but at least give them credit for opening their minds to learn from the outside world and finding a way to do something that a year ago was so totally counter to their philosophy it appeared impossible.


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Blogger Matthew Murphy said...

Something "snarky", eh?

Well, how's this:

"It's about damned time."

Hopefully, though, Microsoft will do a better job of making their bug db somewhat usable and it won't be the cluttered visual disaster that is Bugzilla.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Elphaba said...

w00t! my first comment! someone reads my blog!

my suggestion: open bugs on their bug database if it sucks. :)


5:07 PM  
Blogger Something Snarky This Way Comes said...

What, SQL server can't handle the volume for IE6?

You did ask.

7:01 AM  
Blogger Elphaba said...

I must say I am impressed by the Bradbury allusion and feel compelled to post the comment for the pure literary beauty. Extra points for the brilliant sub reference to wickedness.

score 5: funny


1:43 PM  

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