Wednesday, October 18, 2006

IE7 Released today

go download it, fool.




Blogger Elphaba said...

bloody hell, THAT took a long time. I didn't expect a browser install to take 25-30 minutes. Maybe its a hardware/network inadequacy on my end... time for a geek shopping spree to upgrade!! Maybe if I play my cards right, I can find a way to use this as an excuse not only to get a new computer, but a new printer, new dishwasher, new shoes...


9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't take 25-30 for me. Took maybe 5 minutes at most. I'm on a 2.0GHz hyper-threaded Pentium with 2GB of RAM, so that may be why the difference.

It's ugly as hell, though, in an "as bad as IE6, if not worse" kind of way. Some of my complaints:

* The menu content is below the URL bar?!?! WTF?

* There are buttons scattered all over the #$%^&*( place, with no explanation what they are or why they are there.

If Microsoft is going to essentially mix menu bar and navigation content in the same space, the menu items should remain at the top out of the way, where they belong. The buttons that are down below the navbar should be moved back up where THEY belong, and the search box should be moved up next to the menu items ("Tools" and friends in the default UI).

Since IE6 didn't have a search box (only that horrible "search pane" feature) that shouldn't confuse anybody who's used to it.

While I'm bitching, it's worth noting that neither Microsoft nor Mozilla does anywhere near a decent job of allowing me to customize the way the top-level nav/toolbar area LOOKS.

Once I figure out what all the little buttons do (and adjust my eyes to icons that are about 1/10th the size I've come to expect), I might actually like IE 7. Don't expect I'll ever get that far, though... I'm perfectly happy with Firefox 1.5.

As for the security features, IE7 shipping with a known, serious, and six-month-old vulnerability is enough for me to reconsider moving on security grounds.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will say that the task bar icon is very nice. Somebody did a good job on that.

4:24 PM  

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