Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm speechless

Not as in gobsmacked and unable to find words, but actually unable to speak.

No, this is not the sign you've been looking for that there is a spiritual power answering your prayers. I just have a very nasty head cold.

So I'm sitting on my sofa looking helpless and cute with my laptop and fuzzy pink slippers wishing I had bought a Slanket before they sold out this season. I also find myself occasionally wishing I were 12 again and my mom was going to bring me some chicken noodle soup and maybe an oatmeal raisin cookie. But then I remember that when I was 12 there was no such thing as a laptop. Heck, the Colecovision was still considered bitchen then, and the first Nintendo Entertainment System wasn't even out. There was no direcTV or tivo, so I'd be stuck watching Bewitched reruns and The Joker's Wild, and whatever other crap we got on our 83 channels of ecstasy.

So I guess having to get my own soup isn't such a big deal when I've got a laptop, direcTV, tivo, pay per view, a DVD player, PC games, and an xbox to keep myself entertained.


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