Monday, April 03, 2006

I feel so much safer...

2 air marshals plead guilty to drug smuggling
Marshals accepted $15,000 in return for carrying cocaine on Vegas flight

The marshals admitted they accepted $15,000 to use their positions as air marshals to bypass airport security and smuggle 15 pounds of cocaine.

I feel so much safer knowing I get the full body grope, er, patdown, every time I fly to make sure I don't have a shiv hidden in my underwire bra, while these guys who are paid law enforcement officials (who presumably passed background checks to get their jobs) circumvent security screening with the substance they've been told is cocaine. Because you can always trust criminals. If the drug dealers said it was cocaine, I'm sure it was. There wouldn't have been anything else hidden in that package. The only criminals that create elaborate double-cross diversions to hide a more heinous crime are on fictional TV shows, right?

And while we are talking about hiding things from people... why not put that secret passageway in your house like you've always dreamed of? Colonel Mustard won't find you with that damn lead pipe as you covertly move from the study to the kitchen! DIY kits start at just $1500, though I'm guessing that is just for a fancy bookcase with hidden space behind it, not a full room-to-room passage. Still, how cool would it be to twist a candlestick and have your fireplace rotate open to reveal a hidden room? The challenge would be to not show it off to all your geek friends and defeat the purpose of a SECRET room. Of course if all your plushophilia stuff is hidden in there, maybe you'll be extra motivated to keep it secret after all...


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