Tuesday, November 28, 2006

science for science sake?

Scientists are developing a birth control pill for men. This single dose, hormone-free drug would prevent the ejaculation of sperm. This isn't something men would have to remember to take every day like women do, but they do have to plan ahead enough to take it "a few hours before having sex".
The pill, a single dose taken a few hours before having sex, affects contraction of the muscles that control ejaculation, but wouldn't interfere with performance or orgasm sensation, researchers at King's College London say. The result is a dry ejaculation.

yeeaaaah. A dry ejaculation may sound great if you're the one who always has to sleep on the wet spot on the sheets, but otherwise it doesn't sound all that pleasant. I suppose this might be something a couple might choose to do. Maybe. But the woman better be damn sure he really took it and took it at the right time. Sure, unwanted pregnancy is something guys want to avoid, but not quite as much as women want to avoid it. The chicken and the pig both contribute to breakfast, but the pig has a much more vested stake in the whole operation. (not tracking on the metaphor? hint: men=chickens, women=pigs).

Unfortunately, the only population I can see this drug really taking off with is rapists who don't want to leave DNA evidence behind, and aren't so considerate as to protect their victims from STDs with a condom. There's a cheery thought now, hmmm?

alas, I expect that this feminist liberating bit of scientific discovery will in practice, go nowhere. hurrah for scientific exploration though! perhaps in 10 (50?) years what we learn from this research will be put to some amazing and super important use...


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

time folds

I swear that it feels like just a few days since I posted last. But somehow 22 days have passed. Must have been a fold in the space-time continuum and I skipped ahead.

Just two marginally interesting thoughts today:

HD Moore and the Metasploit kids are teh shiznit. How cool must it be to be so l33t, your ideas are copied not just once but twice?

The three people who planned ahead and stood in line for the Wii release at Target, who got one of the 69 guaranteed boxes, and then after all that gave up and released their Wii's to the first three alternates - WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Are you that fickle and addle-brained that after all that, you changed your mind? Are you so stupid that you didn't realize what you were in line for? I didn't see the alternates offer you a bribe or payoff... You people scare me more than the freaks who gave up their jobs to sit outside a Best Buy for four days to get the PS3. They are losers. You 3 Wii-nies are random and unpredictable - and therefore potentially dangerous. psychos.

Have a happy TOSgiving. Just remember: don't OD on tryptophan and then drive. And for gods sake, if you make a turducken, I don't want to hear about it. Its just a freakishly wrong abomination of foodstuffs that illustrates the excesses of modern American culture.


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