Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In memoriam: James Kim, 1971-2006

Today is a very sad day in the tech community. Words are inadequate to express my sorrow and sympathy for the Kim family.




Monday, December 04, 2006

more freaky prophylaxis

Thanks to a Hideaway reader for pointing out this rather disturbing prophylaxis option that I hadn't heard about yet... if the men's birth control pill doesn't work for you, try the spray on condom from Germany. That's right, a spray on condom. Stop action, pull out your aerosol bottle, spray it on, wait for it to solidify, and resume activities. That's right, solidify. It's kind of like Magic Shell for your wee (not Wii). I'm kind of curious how you remove it since it has been sprayed on and formed a seal with the skin. Not curious enough to volunteer as a product tester though.

But if you prefer to push prophylaxis to the XX member of your coupling, China has released a condom in a can for femmes to the market. I guess technically it isn't spray ON, but you get the idea. NO IDEA whatsoever how you remove that when you're done... The company promotes using it daily - I sure hope they did some medical testing of that; it really doesn't seem like a good idea to me to be applying a physical membrane to your innards on a daily basis.

Public health is important, and new developments that give people more options to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is a very good thing. But you really have to wonder what the hell product developers are thinking sometimes. New discoveries are interesting, but new discoveries people can/will actually use are worth their weight in platinum.


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