Sunday, February 26, 2006

Take me out, to the black...

heard news this week that will warm the heart of any Browncoat... Serenity appears to have turned a profit. Thanks to DVD sales and rentals, the production is no longer in the red. Shiny!

Wash: We'll be rich and prosperous. Well, less poor than we are now.

While I'd love to see a sequel movie or for the SciFi channel to pick the TV show up, I'm not holding my breath. The Fox execs that ran the TV show out of order then cancelled it were 狂者的 and I don't really expect the other studio execs to be any less 瘋了.


btw, Elphaba's DS2 portrait is back to normal, and I have no idea why. Maybe the stunt double was standing in last weekend so the regular character could take a vacation.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Breaking into Las Vegas

Check out the A Team. I particularly like their specialist in getting things down off high shelves. Alas, a skill I will never master...

oh yeah, you might learn something about developing secure web apps too.


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Monday, February 20, 2006

Elphaba is ready to take on forces of evil...

I fired up Dungeon Siege 2 this weekend and discovered that in the week I'd been away, an evil fairy sprite attacked my character with an ugly stick. The thumbnail portrait displayed on the playing screen was NOT what it had been - she is much more, uh, industrial looking. Confused and dismayed, I opened inventory, zoomed in on my character, and took off my helm. Nope, she's still the hottie she should be - it is JUST the thumbnail portrait that changed. I fiddled around for awhile, trying to figure out how to get it back the way it is supposed to be when I realized:

This is the most trivial and vain thing I've wasted time on so far in 2006.

I'm quite sure that Elphaba kicks just as much Morden ass regardless of image. So that's what I went back to - hack/slash/looting my way through the town of Darthrul...


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Saturday, February 18, 2006

a small clarification...

So as you read the 'upcoming cons' list you might be thinking to yourself "damn, that girl is a traveling machine". It is true, I enjoy attending most conferences, but I'm not entirely crazy. The list is just a list of the events I'm aware of - NOT the list of events I'm personally attending. Heck, that isn't even possible for a few that overlap dates...


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

new test site

since MSN Spaces is so lame, I'm checking out other options to host my con calendar and blog. let's give this a go and see if it is any better...