Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

May your cauldron never run dry!

And while I'm making Halloween wishes... May the curses of a thousand angry warlocks, shamen, and witch doctors be rained down on the heads of the politicians who have their automated recordings calling my house at all times of day and leaving stupid messages on my answering machine. Curses also on the survey takers who call trying to find out who I'm voting for. Seriously. Six calls a day plus all the damn junk mail they are filling my recycle bin with - its just too much. There needs to be a political 'don't call' list where you can proactively make it known that your mind is already made up and there is no point in their wasting time or resources contacting you about their campaign. Just a week more of this harassment...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never gotten a single political phone call. Ever. Methinks you are unlucky.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Mike McCantwell's Blog reading software said...

So you're saying you'll vote for me?

9:05 PM  
Blogger Elphaba said...

Sorry Mike, I already cast my ballot for Voldemort. But thanks for not calling and harassing me for weeks about your candidacy.


8:09 AM  
Blogger Elphaba said...

anonymous: You've never gotten a single political call? Ever? You must be (please check all that apply):

A. a leprechaun (because no mortal is THAT lucky)
B. not a registered voter
C. not a US citizen
D. homeless or otherwise without a telephone

I on the other hand just got a pre-recorded message from Laura Bush, gee don't I feel special. I get calls from candidates. I get calls from the same candidates, like their pre-recorded message forgot they already called me once. I get calls from candidates mothers, telling me how great their kid is and why I should vote for them. I get calls from special interest groups. I get calls from/about candidates at both the national and state level, and about propositions on the local ballot. I get calls as early as 7:30 am, and as late as 9:00 pm. I get calls from the party I belong to, but I get even more calls from the party I don't belong to. I think they are stalking me. I can't take it anymore. So I am going to unplug my phone for the next six days. < Deity > help me if they start text messaging me on my cell phone.


12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you would be a bit off. I am Irish, and one might even say I'm abnormally short, but I'm certainly not green, nor do I have a pot of gold... last time I checked. If you can fix that last part for me, by all means...

I registered to vote as soon as allowed (before I even turned 18) and I've been registered to vote for quite literally every moment of my existence since then. I was born here in the states, so afaik, that makes me a citizen. Nobody's shipped me off to the Guantanamo water boards yet, anyway. I actually have three phones I'm reachable on, one of which is in my apartment.

ZERO political phone calls. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nil.

7:10 PM  

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